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Please be aware the Stem Cell Forum is now running every two weeks on zoom! Details below.

The Stem Cell Forum at the Francis Crick Institute is a long-standing series of seminars run by Prof. Dominique Bonnet. We invite speakers from all fields of stem cell research and enjoy a wide variety of talks from researchers both in London and from further afield. The forum usually runs with two invited PhD students or Post Docs presenting short talks and one established PI presenting a full seminar. We finish the forum with networking over food and drinks kindly supplied by our sponsors.

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Stem Cell Forum Webinars

Upcoming Forums

7th July, 3.30pm. Dr Rita Sousa-Nunes "A new evolutionarily conserved mechanism of regulating (neural) stem cell quiescence" & Prof Sian Harding "Human pluripotent stem cell derivatives in engineered heart tissue"

21st July, 3.30pm. Dr Elspeth Payne, “Dissecting the role of Cebpa leukamogenic alleles in developmental haematopoiesis” Dr. Joaquina Delas Vives “Building a molecular mechanistic model for developmental cis-regulatory elements” & Dr. Mathias Holpert "An introduction and overview of GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiler, and how this technology delivers Digital Counts of Biomarker expression levels in precise SPATIAL context, enabling researchers to deepen the understanding of heterogeneity and disease, and accelerate the development of next generation targeted therapeutics!"

4th August, 3.30pm. Prof. Cristina Lo Celso “Healthy and malignant haematopoiesis: dynamic cells in an evolving environment” & Dr Claudia Gerri “A conserved molecular cascade initiates a trophectoderm program in human, cow and mouse embryos prior to blastocyst formation”

18th August, 3.30pm. Dr. Amanda Andersson Rolf "Transcriptional changes during pancreatic endocrine differentiation in real time at single-cell level"

1st September, 3.30pm. Dr. Periklis Pantazis "GenEPI-Piezo1-based fluorescent reporter for visualising mechanical stimuli with high spatiotemporal resolution"

15th September, 3.30pm. Dr. Christa Haase “AML-stromal crosstalk by in vivo imaging and spatially-resolved single-cell transcriptomics”

Previous Forums

12th May, 3pm. Dr Miguel Ganuza ” Clonal dynamics of embryonic and early-post-birth blood precursors” & Dr Bruno Federico “ The serendipitous journey of DNGR-1 lineage tracing in the central nervous system”

26th May, 3pm. Dr Paolo Gallipoli “The role of metabolic adaptations in the resistance to targeted therapy in Acute Myeloid Leukaemia” & Dr Matthew Witkowski “The Evolving Immune Landscape of B cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia"

9th June, 3.30pm. Dr Davide Danovi “Imaging cells: defining objects, capturing identities, testing boundaries” & Dr Talya Dayton “Organoid models of neuroendocrine cell growth and tumorigenesis”

23rd June, 3.30pm. Dr Francesco Saverio Tedesco "Human iPS cells and bioengineered muscles for disease modelling and therapy development" & Dr Constandina Pospori “Dynamic regulation of hierarchical heterogeneity in Acute Myeloid Leukaemia serves as a tumour immunoevasion mechanism”

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Stem Cell Forum Videos

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Dr Matthew Witkowski “The Evolving Immune Landscape of B cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia
Dr Davide Danovi “Imaging cells: defining objects, capturing identities, testing boundaries”
Dr Talya Dayton “Organoid models of neuroendocrine cell growth and tumorigenesis”