1st London Stem Cell Network Symposium – 2018

1st London Stem Cell Network Symposium – 2018

The 2018 London Stem Cell Network Symposium is jointly organised by the Stem Cell communities and networks of the Francis Crick Institute, Imperial College London, King’s College London, University College London and Queen Mary University of London. The event will highlight the wide breadth of stem cell research performed in London and will be a formal launch-pad for the London Stem Cell Network (LSCN). The LSCN will serve as a networking platform for the London Stem Cell research community and will facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration across the London Universities and Institutes. The scientific programme features keynote talks by Prof. Fiona Watts and Prof. Costanza Emanueli, invited talks by London group leaders and oral presentations selected from abstracts from early-career researchers and PhD students. Participation is free and open to all upon registration. As a key aim of this event is for researchers to network, there will be a long lunch-poster session as well as a networking session at the end of the day.




8:30 – Registration


9:00 – Opening remarks: Launching the London Stem Cell Network – William Grey (The Francis Crick Institute)


Tissue/Adult stem cells

Chairs: Dominique Bonnet (The Francis Crick Institute) and Ines Sequeira (King’s College London)

9:05 – Key note speaker: Fiona Watt (King’s College London) – “Homeostasis in Adult Mammalian Epidermis”

9:40 – Short talk: Jamie McGinn (University of Cambridge) – “Postnatal Cell Dynamics; Finding the path towards Oesophageal Homeostasis”

9:55 – Short talk: Joana Carrelha (University of Oxford) – “Hierarchically related lineage-restricted fates of multipotent haematopoietic stem cells”

10:10 – Simona Parrinello  (University College London) – “Microenvironmental control of somatic cell plasticity in tissue regeneration”


10:35 – Coffee break


Cancer Stem Cells

Chairs: Cristina Lo Celso (Imperial College London) and Virginia Turati (University College London)

10:50 – Beth Payne (University College London) – “In vivo small molecule screens identify TLR7 agonists as potential therapeutics targeting HSPC in MDS5q”

11:15 – Short talk: Manav Pathania (University College London) – “H3.3-K27M Expression and Trp53 Loss in Embryonic Neural Stem Cells Induces Gliomagenesis”

11:30 – Short talk: Kevin Rouault-Pierre (Barts Cancer Institute) – “Integrative profiling, xenograft and genomics reveal JMML’s origin”

11:45 – Short talk: Simon Richardson (University College London) – “A human IPS model implicates embryonic B-myeloid fate restriction as a developmental susceptibility to ETV6-RUNX1”

12:00– Trevor Graham (Queen Mary, University of London) – “Tracing stem cell architecture in vivo in human tissues and cancer”


12:25 – Lunch + Posters


Bioengineering the stem cell environment

Chairs: Davide Danovi (King’s College London) and Diana Passaro (The Francis Crick Institute)

13:45 – Vivian Li (The Francis Crick Institute) – “Stem cell-derived organoids: disease modelling and regenerative medicine”

14:10 – Short talk: Alessandro Filippo Pellegata (University College London) – “Vascularisation for whole organ tissue engineering”

14:25 – Short talk: Elisa Pedone (University of Bristol) – “In-Silico control of Wnt/β-catenin pathway in mammalian cells using microfluidics”

14:50 – Eileen Gentleman (King’s College London) – “Unravelling how bi-directional cell-biomaterial interactions direct stem cell fate in 3D”


Regenerative medicine

Chairs: Molly Stevens (Imperial College London) and Luca Pinton (University College London)

15:15 – Kathy Niakan  (The Francis Crick Institute) – “Mechanisms of lineage specification in human embryos”

15:40 – Short talk: Shirin Issa Bhaloo (King’s College London) – “Dickkopf-3 binds to CXCR7 inducing vascular progenitor cell migration and degradable graft cellularisation”

15:55 – Short talk: Eleonora Zucchelli (University College London) – “Potential of patient-derived ear and fat stem cells for the reconstruction of congenitally malformed ear cartilage”

16:10 – Samuel Janes (University College London) – “Cell and Gene Therapy for Lung Cancer”


16:35 – Coffee break


Chair: Sian Harding (Imperial College London)

16:55 – Key note speaker: Costanza Emanueli (Imperial College and University of Bristol) – “Therapeutic Angiogenesis in Ischemic Disease: Cellular and Acellular Options”

17:35 – Awards

17:40 – Closing remarks – Ines Sequeira (King’s College London)


17:50 – Posters, Drinks and Networking